Online proctored exam slots are full. Slots are available at test centers only, for testing between 2nd to 8th February, 2021 !

Register & Schedule

You must register and pay for the NMAT by GMACTM exam before scheduling an exam date and location.

Note: Candidates are required to visit respective university/college/school website for details of their
admission procedure. You have to submit their respective form separately.

Registration and Payment

1. Create an account on using a valid email address.

2. Provide contact information, personal, educational and work experience, the list of programmes to send scores, and the ID that you will use for identification on the day of the exam. Indicate your interest in participating in a search service and agree to the terms and conditions.

3. Your name and date of birth that you enter on the registration form must exactly match the name and date of birth on your Photo and Signature ID.

4. Choose the schools to send your scores under the "Schools Preference" section. Up to 5 programmes are included in your registration fee. An additional fee of INR 200 + applicable taxes will be applied for each programme added in excess of 5 programs.

5. You must upload a photograph that bears likeness to you and the photograph on your Photo ID. This photograph will be included on the admit card that you must show to the test centre administrator at the test centre or to the online proctor.

6. Select the exam mode, whether you want to take exam at the Test Centre or Online Proctored at Home.

(Note: Once you have booked your exam, you cannot reschedule to a different mode for the same attempt. However, you can choose the exam mode again, while scheduling the next attempt.)

For example: if you have scheduled your first attempt at the test centre then you can’t reschedule that exam to an online proctored exam at home or vice-versa. However, you can again choose your exam mode to test at a Test Centre or Online Proctored at Home when you schedule your Retake 1 or Retake 2.

7. Pay the exam fee.

8. Schedule your exam and make payment of the test fees.

Schedule at Test Center
  • Click on the Book Exam button to reach the scheduling system
  • Choose the Country and City and Test Centre and choose the date and time when you would like to take the exam
Schedule Online Proctored Test at Home
  • Click on the Book Exam button to reach the scheduling system
  • First step shall be to fill out the My Profile section before moving onto Scheduling exam appointment


Users can setup their photo identification by uploading a Government issued ID. This ID must be uploaded for verification purposes. The following instructions are provided to the user.

  • Take a picture of your photo ID using a smartphone or a camera or webcam on your PC.
  • Save the image of the picture to your PC.
  • Upload the image from your PC to Examity scheduling system


  • Users can select from an available list of security questions to setup 3 security questions.
  • System will prompt you to answer 1 of these security questions during your authentication process when you login to take the exam so please remember or note down your responses


  • User enters first name, last name, first name and last name and re-enters first name and last name.
    • No spaces or capital letters are to be used while entering this information. System will save the keystroke entry of the data that is entered, and this will be used as part of the authentication process when you login to take the exam.
    • If user fails to successfully enter ExamiKEY information 3 times, a red flag is raised.

9. You will be able to download your admit card from your dashboard once the payment is realized.

To enquire about registration email


You will be allowed to take the NMAT by GMACTM exam a maximum of three times during the year’s testing period. This includes the first attempt plus a maximum of two retake attempts. No shows are considered attempts.

Your retake registration option will be enabled in your dashboard after your exam date. You need to register for the retake by simply clicking on the Retake section, selecting the exam mode and pay the retake fees.

Please note retake can be scheduled after the completion of a scheduled attempt and the retake exam can only be taken after a gap of 15 days from the previous attempt.

Retake Scheduling at Test Center and Online follow the same process as scheduling.